Protect Your Investment

There’s no doubt the case can be made that America is struggling. I watch enough news and listen to enough talk radio to know that this is an America our grandparents wouldn’t recognize. Never in our nation’s history has our credit rating been downgraded causing serious doubt around the world as to whether or not we can pay our bills. To top it off the slow and steady dismantling of the Constitution strikes a chord of fear and frustration in the hearts of many.

Our natural inclination as humans is to fight for our rights, especially as Americans. The simple fact that we are born in this geographic location guarantees us certain rights and privileges, and the fact that these rights are threatened causes the hairs on the backs of our necks to stand at attention.

In the world of money we are told to invest in gold. Afterall, you can’t count on the dollar maintaining its standing in the world’s economy. So you buy gold, invest in commodities, diversify your portfolio and prepare for the future by saving as much as possible.

Certainly if you’ve been gifted with wealth it would behoove you to wisely consider where to put it and how to spend it. But in my opinion, for what it’s worth, I contend that we have a much bigger problem on our hands than whether or not we are financially set for the future and whether or not we have a choice of weapons to have in our home.

Part of the problem for me has been remembering that my home is not this earth. Heaven’s where it’s at. For many of us in the church our constant obsession with our level of comfort down here has left the door wide open for the enemy to swoop in and squander away what we’ve invested in our relationship with God. He steals our joy, plants doubt in our minds, causes us to question the goodness of God, wreaking havoc in our spiritual lives. Pretty soon we find ourselves penniless in the faith department.

Why? Simple things like spending time with God, talking to Him, reading about Him, immersing ourselves in the company of other believers have become afterthoughts. I don’t know anything about investing or the stock market. Hey, I’m doing good just to put my little ten percent in the local bank provided the stupid van doesn’t break (another story, another time)! However, common sense would tell me that someone who has invested any amount of money in the stock market wouldn’t do so and then never check on the progress of their investment. Is it growing? Is it earning any dividends (big word for me, I know!)? Is there something that needs to be done differently to make more? Any of these questions could be applied to our relationship with God.

Where are my investments? What do I need to do differently to deepen my relationship with God? Am I growing? Or am I broke in my spiritual life?

Don’t get me wrong. I love this country. I believe with all of my heart that this country was God’s idea. I hate what I see happening, but this is not our home. As Christians we would do well to refocus our attention, to save up for things that will last, like a deeper relationship with Jesus, sharing the hope we have in Him, strengthening our faith.The last thing we should do is sit around and let the pieces fall where they may. The best investment we can make is in the people we share space with on this planet.

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