Praise Project, Week 8

When I decided to do the Praise Project this year, I knew there would be weeks that would be more difficult which is specifically why I wanted to tackle it for a whole year and put it out there in the blogosphere. It would force me to concentrate on what God has done for me. It’s been a long week, and I will admit that I actually told my 15-year old that I had nothing to be thankful for. She was appalled, to say the least, and rattled off a list of things God had done for me in the last week that had been swept away in a cloud of exhaustion and self-pity. So, without further ado, this week I’m praising God:

1). That what I thought would turn out to be some over-the-top plumbing expense turned out to be nothing more than a piece of pipe needing replaced. Whew!

2). That I am made in God’s image and not the other way around. More on that in an upcoming blog post.

3). For the chance to share our space with a couple of great college students for the next few weeks.

4). For getting through my speaking gig over the weekend.

5). For the glimmer of hope that my writing dream is not dead.

6). That the birds are back and starting to build their summer home outside my door.

7). That God is intimately involved in EVERY aspect of my life!

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