Praise Project, Week 10

This week I have a lot to praise God for:

1). We were able to trade our gas-guzzling truck and 20-year old car in for a small, cheap, fuel efficient little number for our daughter.

2). We made $1,189 on this deal.

3). A very generous client gave my husband and me a gorgeous van; so now we are both tooling around town in minivans!

4). For almost 16 years (T-18 hours and counting) I have had the privilege of raising an amazing kid that’s really not much of a kid anymore. It has been a privilege that I don’t deserve.

5). Yesterday and today felt/tasted/smelled/sounded like spring.

6). I hear the distant call of the ocean on the western side of the country beckoning me to come and visit. I will be answering that call in 72 hours.

7). The only reason that anything in life works and works well is because Jesus works. No amount of planning, saving, organizing, thinking ahead, or following a formula can accomplish what Jesus alone can accomplish. Yes, I’ve had a great week, but it’s only because of the grace of God and because all good gifts come from Him.

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