Praise Project, Week 18

This week I’m thankful for simple things like:

1). The smell of the lilac bushes in my backyard (no, I did not plant these. If I had they wouldn’t be there).

2). The people at the bank who all but kill themselves to help me out of my banking messes like the one I had yesterday when I sent the money for my cell phone bill to a charitable organization instead.

3). The charitable organization that very sweetly reassured me that they would process the money as quickly as possible and get it sent back to me so I can pay the cell phone bill so it doesn’t get turned off and I have to pay a few to have it turned back on.

4). For friends that take an entire evening they could be doing something else to come and watch my kid play baseball.

5). For the room of beautiful faces that I got to interact with this morning while they diligently tried to learn English.

6). The fact that no matter what language we speak, God understands them all and speaks them all!

7). My sweet neighbors who honored us by inviting us to celebrate their daughter’s first communion with them and attend the fabulous party afterwards complete with authentic Mexican food.

Yeah, it’s been a good week.


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