Praise Project, Week 19

Have you ever had a week or a day that required serious thought on what to be thankful for, to praise God for?  I’m ashamed to say that’s where I am right now, not because I have a horrible life, but because life’s little inconveniences, or ankle biters as my friend calls them, have gotten the best of me. As I’ve said before, these are the weeks that make this project so necessary. Without stopping and intentionally praising God for what He’s done in my life, no matter how simple it may seem, I could very easily turn into a bitter narcissist. So the following are what I’m praising God for this week:

1). For the money to buy the things I need even if those are not the things I want to spend my money on.

2). That Nick’s ears finally unplugged taking him out of the muffled tunnel his allergies put him in and back to normalcy.

3). For my friend, Ruthe, who has been having coffee with me every month for four years.

4). For the layers of truth in the Word of God that I will never have enough lifetime to uncover. More on what He’s teaching me in my next post.

5). For my kids’ speedy forgiveness.

6). That when people need something, they think to call the Nielsons. It’s so nice to be the giver and not always the receiver.

7). That the rest of the week was nothing like today.

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