Praise Project, Week 30

This week I’m praising God for:

1). You Tube-I’ll explain: We had a problem with one of our cars (I know, shocking). My husband took it in to get a diagnosis on the problem along with the price to fix it. It was going to be $288 to fix so he said he paid $58 for the diagnosis and drove it home without getting it fixed. He decided to get on You Tube to see if it was something he could do himself. For $77 and 5 minutes of time my husband fixed the problem and saved us a boatload of money! This is no small miracle if you know us. We are not fix-it people especially cars. It’s like trying to solve some complicated math problem. I love that he took the initiative to fix it himself, I love that he is so cheap he decided to see if he could fix it, and I love You Tube for the exhaustive resource that it is. By the way, if you know someone who is “spendy” send them to a Dave Ramsey class. They will become incredibly cheap and do crazy stuff like fixing their own cars. Surreal.

2). On a similar note, the battery in my daughter’s car had to be replaced. Another rare occurrence in the Nielson house is having the cash to fix it and not freak out. Again, thank you, Dave.

3). Hikes with my husband in this unseasonably perfect weather.

4). Road trips with friends. St. Louis, anyone?

5). Great writers like Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts, who make you think. “Like all beliefs, you simply live them” (p. 13). Hands down the best author I’ve read in a long time.

6). Meaningful work.

7). New kitchen floors. FINALLY!