Praise Project, Week 31

This week I’m praising God:

1). Last week I mentioned that I was finally getting my new kitchen floor. I am so thankful for people like our friend, Jason, who gave up 12 hours on Saturday to install it for us.

2). For the smell of rain.

3). For early morning coffee dates with my husband, just the two of us in our recliners like elderly retired people.

4). For new beginnings, not just for me, but for the myriad people I know starting new careers and going back to school.

5). For the example God has set for me on how to be a better parent. I don’t recall anywhere in the Bible where He freaks out over the mistakes of His kids. Must work on this.

6). For what God is going to do in my kids’ lives. I am waiting in eager anticipation!

7). For these teenage years. Some days they are more challenging than I dreamed possible, but I love the people my kids are becoming and the spiritual processing they are engaged in. Plus, it beats potty training any day!

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