Praise Project, Week 37

This week I’m praising God for fun things like:

1). Day trips with my husband and kids

2). $3.27 for a gallon of gas. Shocking that this is praiseworthy, but what can I say?

3). Stolen hours indulging in the guilty pleasure of a well-written mystery novel.

4). Sitting outside in the September sun with my furry baby.

5). Joking around with my kids. Love their sense of humor.

6). Being able to laugh at the embarrassing squeak that my car makes rather than worrying about what might be the problem and what it might cost to fix it. I’ve got a bit of Scarlet O’Hara syndrome: “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

7). Having a surprised microcosm of success creating a Power Point for a company when I really have little to no experience doing such things.



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