Praise Project, Week 38

This week I’m praising God for:

1). The changing leaves

2). A day off of school/work with the kids

3). God’s amazing encouragement to me through the words of others

4). Catching up with friends I’ve not seen in awhile

5). Learning new things-didn’t know that part of the gray matter was still functional

6). My neighborhood. It’s quirky and busy (which I love), and as I’ve been outside a lot this week watching the neighbors water their new sod, others getting a much-needed new roof, others fixing up their yards, I have felt so grateful for where I live and the people I share my street with.

7). When my daughter was quite a bit younger she informed me one day that she would like to live to be 100 years old to which I vigorously asked, “What on earth for?” She responded with, “Because you get a birthday card from the President when you turn 100.” Didn’t know that. Well, I’m praising God for my stepfather, who has not quite made it to 100 years old but just celebrated his 90th birthday. Praise God for 90 years of life. Happy Birthday, Jack!

One thought on “Praise Project, Week 38

  1. Thank you for the blessing of remembering Jack. You bless us in so many ways and we are so thankful God has blessed us with you. Mom and Jack

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