Praise Project, Week 47

I’m a little late with this week’s Praise Project, a testament to the craziness of the week. It was a good one nonetheless, and I’m praising God for the following:

1). A week of being productive. There’s nothing more satisfying than laying your head on the pillow at night, tired, because of good hard work.

2). Co-hosting a night of fun and celebration with friends at the Women’s Christmas Tea with my daughter.

3). Being asked to contribute to my friend, Sarah’s, blog  http://www.doormousehouse.com in her Making Christmas Merry series. You can read about my fondness for Christmas trees there on Monday and on my blog later in the week.

4). I had a falling out with a neighbor before I moved six years ago. Two years ago she called me out of the blue to apologize for her treatment of me which spurred me on to apologize for my role in the ugliness, something I should have done long ago. We met at a mutual friend’s house this past week to pray with that friend who is going through a horrible time right now. Forgiveness has a long reach.

5). Another new student to tutor.

6). For my sweet neighbor surviving a horrific car accident recently. I’m beyond relieved that despite some cuts, bruises, fractured ribs and countless stitches she’s still with us and recovering.

7). Watching my kids desire to get involved with those around them who have broken hearts.

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