Just a quick note to explain my M.I.A. status. I have just returned from a week in Oklahoma with a stellar group of 8th graders doing mission work among the Choctaw Indians as well as work projects at Native American Bible Academy.

When I left for this trip I fully intended on posting about three times while there. However, all WiFi is not created equally. It took two days to get the last post up, and I barely made it before the whole thing shut down again. I figured I was fortunate to have one post up for the week and left it at that.

As it turns out, meekness seemed to be the theme of the week. I saw it in our kids in situations I didn’t expect them to have to deal with from people older than they who should have known better. I was so proud of them, but I was struggling to find that elusive quality in my own heart and attitude. Once again I have come  to the conclusion that the study of the Beattitudes is as much for me as it is for my kids. We can’t teach what we don’t know.

Now, I’m laying here with a fever, a cough rivaling that of a seal and lungs that are searing in pain. So once I get myself together we will barrel through the rest of the Beattitudes. Thanks for your patience.

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